Lounge by the Picturesque Pool

For a leisurely afternoon, you can enjoy lounging by the picturesque 70-foot solar heated infinity pool in its intimate surrounding.  Framed and protected by stone walls and captivating turquoise waters it provides a perfect spot to watch the sun chase the scattered occasional cloud.  At dusk you will see the twinkling lights from the distance islands.  You will re-discover a world of relaxation after a sun-filled day of island diversions.

The mild sea breeze and soothing sense of peace welcome you in a tender embrace and before you realize it, you will become one with the island - its relaxed way of life, its breathtaking natural wonders.

This 70-foot infinity solar heated pool is the largest private pool on the island.  There is easy access in the low end with some gentle stairs and safety step along the infinity edge for gazing out to the ocean.  For safety measures a pool alarm can be activated as an invisible fence.

In an effort to keep the water temperature at a comfortable level throughout the year a number of environmental sensitive features were installed.  The bottom of the pool and infinity wall were built using black lava rocks to help retain the heat from the sunshine.  Additional energy sources included installing two solar panels on the roof of the villa and recycling the heat generated from the villa air-conditioning system.

Plenty of all-weather furniture have been positioned at a number of open and private locations to encourage group or individual time.

For added convenience, and outside bathroom and shower have been positioned near the pool.  Closely near by is a customized built outdoor pool table..