The Day and Night Unfold In Front of You.

Shielded by stone walls on both sides leads to a spacious terrace looking out to a pool and patio that merge with the sparkling sea.  The outside and inside of La Danse des Etoiles is in harmony as the entire property has a forward thinking relationship with the environment

There is a distinct rapport between the intimate and the expansive striking view.  Terrace leads to the 70 foot extraordinary solar-heated infinity pool with so many opportunities to relax.  Spacious and private, surrounded with exotic flora and fauna reaching out to the glorious Caribbean sunshine and ocean.

Watch a breathtaking sunset, dine under a star-filled sky, stretch out on a lounge chair in the sun or shade.  It clearly represents a sensuous engagement with the world that is blessed with style as well as content.  The wide variety of features will provide a miracle of turning your vision to an experience.

This is ideal for a quiet “get-away” where the doors and windows can be open all day and night.  You will feel totally at home.  Once again you will ignite your palate as well as your spirit.

Plenty of shaded areas and private corners to relax.  A specially designed water misting systems lowers the air temperature below the canopy to help keep you comfortable during the especially warm days.

There is a poetic connection between the sun, sky, and sea as La Danse des Etoiles wraps itself around the glorious setting with a full menu of light and exposures.  The materials and design orchestrate the entire symphony of architecture with a sense of passage and definition without framing solid barriers of light.  The effect is contemporary, cool, and practical.

It is simply a wonderful place that has anticipated the needs for a passionate villa experience.


A short video has been included about some additional features such as an outdoor custom made pool table.