Getting There & Practical Information

St. Barthelemy is located east of Puerto Rico in the French West Indies.  The following Air Carriers service the Caribbean:  American Airlines, Air Canada, British Airways, BWIA, Continental, Delta, Iberia, Lufthansa, Jet Blue, US Airways, and Virgin Atlantic.

Options include flying into San Juan and connecting with Tradewind Aviation or into St. Martin and connecting with St. Bart Commuter, Winair, or Air Caraibes.  Only small planes can land on St. Barts because of the short runway length.  Depending on the direction of the wind will determine how the planes will land.  Once option will be over the small mountain or the other over St. Jean beach.  Below is a video clip of an over the beach landing.

Click for a Live Cam of the Beach on St. Bart's


There is also ferry service from St. Martin to St. Barts via Rapid Explorer or Voyager.  This can be an adventure and at times can be quite rough so keep that in mind.  The Voyager travels a minimum of three times per day from Marigot Bay and Oyster Pond on the French side of St. Martin.  The one-way trip on the Voyager takes one hour and thirty minutes from Marigot and forty minutes from Oyster Pond.  For more information see

The Great Bay Express travels from Bobby’s Marina in ditch St. Maarten to Gustivia in St. Barth.  Crossing time is approximately forty minutes.  For reservations email

In the event you do decide to take the ferry service be warned that it can often be a rough ride and many passengers do get seasick.  This is not the most comfortable means of arriving or leaving St Barts.

Car rentals are a must during your stay.  Automobiles drive on the right side of the road and any valid drivers license is accepted.  The roads are extremely narrow and hilly.  Recommendations include renting a car with 4-wheel drive because they tend to ride higher off the road and would help prevent any under carriage damage.  There are a wide assortment of car rentals and include Smart Cars and Mini Coopers.  A good car rental source is  The car rental companies are located right at the airport terminal.  You will find them together with their own check-in booths.  Your name is generally posted on an arrival board of the car rental company you made the reservation with.  Cars are generally quite small and you will need to keep in mind it might be advisable to rent a four-wheel drive car as they are generally higher off the ground and you would be less likely to damage the under carriage.

The local currency on St. Barts is euros.  USD are accepted at most establishments and there are ATM machines at many locations that will dispense cash in euros or dollars.  Mastercard & Visa are widely accepted.  American Express is selectively welcome.

Entry Requirements - St. Barts is part of the French overseas collectively where French law applies.  All ECC citizens need a national identity card to enter the island.  United States and Canadian citizens are required to travel with a valid passport and a return ticket.

Electricity:  220V - 60Hz -  Villa La Danse des Etoiles provides the electrical option for 110V or 220V

Upon Arrival

After you have de-planed and gone through Customs & Immigrations, pick up your luggage proceed through the only set of doors and immediately take a right.  


The drive should take just under ten minutes.  You will take a left out of the airport and follow a very winding road with occasional speed bumps... so be prepared.  Traffic can be crazy as the locals tend to drive fast.  The roads are narrow and do not have names.  You will need to remember landmarks to help you get around.  

La Danse des Etoiles is located in the section of the island called Pointe Milou.  One of the most popular restaurants called Le Ti St Barth is very close by so look for the signs and you will be just a short drive away.

There is a security gate for your privacy and safety.  You will be provided with an access code.  As you pull into the driveway there is a small stone post with an electronic access device for entering the code or communicating with someone who might be in the villa.


Once you have entered the correct code the gate will open from right to left.  Pull forward of the gate and you will find flat level parking space for 3-4 cars.  The gate will sense you have pulled in and will automatically close