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Emergency Doctor on call

Pharmacy in Gustavia

                        St Jean Airport

Hospital in Gustavia


Water is scarce on the island of St. Barts so please do not leave the faucets running.  A large cistern has been installed to collect rainwater and there is a connection to city water in the event the cistern runs dry.  The city water is produced with a desalination system.  Tap water is not to be used for drinking or cooking.  Bottled water is recommended.

Driving around the island can be an adventure as the roads are narrow and often slippery when wet.  Cars are driven on the right.  Seat belts are compulsory and the police will stop and fine you  if you are caught not wearing them.  Please respect all stop signs.  Parking can also be a challenge.

Telephone line of the villa is connected to a computerized system at the office of Sibarth Villa Rentals on St. Barts.  The Geo Telephone system provides you with access to an international phone line.  The system requires you to dial into a computer at the Sibarth Office that monitors your calls.  Sibarth Villa Rentals will bill you and validate your calls with a print-out.

Once you have accessed Sibarth’s computer network you will be required to enter a secure code which will be provided upon your arrival.  A recording will invite you to enter the number you wish to dial.

To call the USA, dial 001 + area code + telephone number

To call France, dial the 10 digits of the phone number

To call other countries, dial 00 + country code + phone number

 Local Calls are free and you will need to dial the 10-digit number

800 Numbers - these are not toll-free numbers, even when dialed through the GEO Tel and you will be charged for them as you would pay for any international call.

AT&T Calling Cards - please note these calls are billed twice, once through GEO Tel and again through AT&T.

Circuit Breakers - from time to time their are electrical challenges on the island of St. Barts, which is part of the experience of living on an island.  In case there is a power outage there are two circuit breakers in the villa you should check.  One is on the wall in the kitchen and the other in the living room.  Open the circuit breaker door and re-set the breakers.  

Air Conditioning - the main living room/dining room/kitchen and each bedroom have their own climate control device to regulate the temperature.  Use the remote control to adjust the temperature and fan speed.  Please do not choose a temperature under 20 degrees C (68 degrees F).  For conversion purposes 24 degrees C is 75 degrees F and 26 degrees C is 79 degrees F.

Television & Sound Systems - La Danse des Etoiles has been equipped with a number of options for your entertainment pleasure.  There is a 60-inch flat screen television in the living room connected to a Bose Surround System for indoor and/or outdoor listening.  To capture your favorite television stations there is also a Satellite Dish.  Other options include watching a DVD.  There are numerous DVD’s supplied at the villa or you can either rent them on St. Barts or bring some with you.  All three bedrooms also come equipped with 20-inch flat screen tv’s and DVD Players.  The living room comes with an ipod docking station that is attached to the Bose Surround System.  The three bedrooms and office have their own ipod docking stations.

To Watch the Satellite Dish TV:

  1. Turn the Bose Amplifier ON and select using the “INTERIOR REMOTE” control “CBL-SAT”

  2. Turn on the TV using the PANASONIC REMOTE control and the ON button on the top.  Then select “STB2” on the TV using the “INPUT” button.

  3. Make sure the Dish Network receiver is ON - their should be a green light glowing on the DISH Network box.

  4. Change the channels with the DISH NETWORK REMOTE CONTROL by pressing the arrows up & down.

To Watch a DVD:

  1. Select on the Bose Amplifier “CD/DVD” with the “INTERIOR” Bose Remote Control.

  2. Turn on the TV and select “DVD 3” (same way you selected Dish Network).

  3. The DVD player is also a CD Player

To Play Your ipod in the Living Area:

  1. Connect your ipod to the jack.

  2. Select “VCR” on the Bose Amplifier using the “INTERIOR” Bose Remote Control 

  3. Another option is to connect your ipod to the “ADVANCE STATION” and select “AUX” on the Bose Amplifier using the “INTERIOR” Bose Remote Control.

To Listen Outdoors:

  1. Select the “EXTERIOR” Bose Remote Control.

  2. Select the source you want to listen to outside (CD-DVD, FM-AM, or AUX), which is located on the top of the EXTERIOR remote control.

  3. Adjust the volume.

Restaurants - (see suggested list) there are some fabulous restaurants to choose from on St. Barts as well as a number of fantastic chefs who can prepare any number of meals for you at the villa.  If you would like more information or help with recommendations or reservations call Sibarth Villa Rentals @ and they will assist you.  Other activities that can be arranged include massage, sailing, snorkeling, diving, personal trainers, and baby sitters.

Provisions - there are a number of grocery and provision stores at various locations around the island.  Sibarth Villa Rentals can have the villa provision for you prior to your arrival for any number of days you wish.  It is suggested you consider at minimum having a few items at least in the villa prior to your arrival as you will most likely be hungry and thirsty.  A suggestion would include a welcome dinner so you can immediately relax and not have to rush out to the store or restaurant.  With the location of La Danse des Etoiles and it’s outstanding gourmet kitchen it provides a fantastic opportunity to have a customized dinner prepared by one of the islands outstanding chefs.  There are also some wonderful stores and restaurants that have incredible take out meals.

Housekeeping - this is provided every day except Sundays and official French Holidays.  Dishes will be cleaned and put away, beds will be made, general cleaning and tidying up.  The time of day the housekeeper will arrive can customized to fit your scheduled and should be communicated with the housekeeper directly.  She will introduce herself upon your arrival.  As a rule, sheets are are changed every three days and towels every two days.  Nightly turndown service is also an option upon request.

Electricity - the voltage is 220V - 60 cycles with the option of 11oV.  The outlets throughout the villa are set up to provide you with either option and are clearly labeled.  The short video below provides additional insight about the electricity in the villa.

Septic System - the villa is equipped with a septic tank which is emptied on a regular basis.  Please do not put anything other than toilet paper as it can not be broken down biologically and might clog the septic tanks.  Place all other items in the waste baskets place in each bathroom.

Sun - Be extremely careful of getting too much sun.  The prevailing winds give you a false sense of coolness while the suns rays will continue to burn your skin.  The terrace and pool area have been carefully designed to provide some shaded areas in order for you to still remain outside.  Suntan lotions are highly recommended.  For your added comfort, a water misting cooling system has been installed above in the canopy over the terrace.  There is a remote control switch that activates the misting system which lowers the air temperature.  The remote device is found in a basket located in the kitchen.